Internship Selection

Notification of Interview Result


We are pleased to announce the results of our recent internship selection process. We received a total of 2000 applications for the internship positions. Out of these, 200 candidates were shortlisted and interviewed.


After a thorough evaluation, we are excited to inform you that 10 candidates have been selected for the internship. The names of the selected candidates are as follows:


1. Ms. Namrata Jadoun – Code - 2455

2. Ms. Zoha Hasan – Code - 2456

3. Ms. Ridhi Shree Nair – Code - 2457

4. Ms. Ankita Kumari– Code - 2458

5. Ms. Rithika Gangaraju– Code - 2459

6. Mr. Pranav Gupta– Code - 2460

7. Ms. Niharika Rai – Code - 2461

8. Ms. Sruti Aiswarita- – Code - 2462

9. Ms. Mansi Sharma- – Code - 2463

10. Ms. Kavya Dixit– Code - 2464


We congratulate the selected candidates and look forward to their contributions during the internship.


For those who were not selected, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for your interest and participation. We encourage you to apply again in the future and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


Best regards,

Internship Management Committee (IMC) – 2024

The Advocates League, New Delhi