TAL: The Juris Reflection - Issue-1

"The Juris Reflection" is a prestigious legal magazine published by The Advocates League, aiming to provide a platform for law students and the legal fraternity to reflect on critical legal issues, jurisprudence, and contemporary challenges in the legal landscape. The magazine envisions fostering insightful discussions, promoting legal research, and cultivating a culture of intellectual growth among aspiring and seasoned legal professionals. Through its articles, case analyses, and interviews with legal luminaries, it strives to empower the legal community by encouraging a deeper understanding of the law and its impact on society. Ultimately, "The Juris Reflection" seeks to contribute to a more informed and aware legal fraternity, nurturing a community of well-rounded, ethical advocates dedicated to justice and the rule of law.


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Mr. Rishabh Joshi

Editorial Head, The Juris Reflection

E-195, Sector-63, Noida, 201301

Tel:- 0120-3197262

E-mail ID: thejurisreflection.tal@gmail.com