Gender equality, specified on grounds to make a society equal for both men and women but it appears to be distant from our labour market. The most basic obstacle in our labour force is gender inequality. It is not always the government to be blamed; it is our collective approach that needs to be monitored. It’s time for all of us to advance our thinking and commence change from the grassroots level rather than directly jumping on enormous advancements. All can participate, be it a women's organization, a worker, an employer, or an academician, even you and me.


Violence and harassment should be insupportable and objectionable, because it is one of the common obstructions, towards the growth and upliftment of women, irrespective of country or sector. There are several ways to tackle these problems, which are further discussed in this article.


Some rights, duties should be gender-neutral and some according to the needs of the gender. Parentage, our key focus, the responsibility of the parents, mother, and father, should be tackled on equal footing, as it’s a right of the parent and need of the child. The Roles of both mother and father are non-identical and hence necessary for the child, so why only the Maternity Benefit Act and not Paternity Benefit Act. If not a statutory enactment, then does any benefit be provided to men? All these important issues are the prime factors for the author to write this article.